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We've been custom costume, prop and mask makers for over 25 years.

This blog is a peek behind the Tentacle curtain, written mostly by Bev.

14th November 2018
We love a challenge, and we love geometry, and this custom mask commission combined both! The brief was to create 2 matching custom-made heart masks that were cut like diamonds, and also functioned properly for working DJs in a club: so good vision and ventilation, room for earphones, and not too much weight were all essential. You might think that one press of a button on the right computer programme would do the trick- but long experience with these things has taught us that it's often better to go 'old school'so we did! The DJ helmets are totally hand made, there are more than 90 separate pieces in each head...

custom made dj mask diamond heart maskmaker Tentacle Studio custom made dj mask diamond heart maskmaker Tentacle Studio custom made dj mask diamond heart maskmaker Tentacle Studio

6th October 2018
Autumn is coming. Today Mike took his camera for a stroll around the woodlands of the beautiful Hooge Veluwe. The leaves on the trees are still mainly green, and shafts of soft light glow through the foliage. The forest is full of life, and mushrooms are nosing their way up under the trees - the two pictured below are both poisonous. After the walk came some delicious pumpkin soup at a local cafe/garden centre, where the table was already set for Halloween.

fly agaric amanita muscaria photo 2018 Mike Petty boletus pulcherrimus 2018 Mike Petty Hooge Veluwe okt 2018 photo mike petty Halloween-table-Oct-6-2018-photo-Mike-Petty

28th August 2018
Steampunk robot costume: with light-up Steampunk innards! This was a last-minute commission for a marvellous performance in Maine, and we really enjoyed creating it. We also got to use up lots of freaky-looking cogs, hinges and studs that have been knocking around the workshop for many moons!

Steampunk robot custom costume maker Tentacle Studio steampunk robot kostume made by Tentacle Studiosteampunk robot kostuum gemakkt Tentacle Studio

12th August 2018
It's nice when old friends come to visit! A long time ago, we custom-made these bacteria mascot costumes as brand ambassadors for an international water treatment firm. For several years they've enjoyed jetting around to conferences and trade fairs in their own luxury packing crates.
But eventually those endless smiles and handshakes had taken their toll. They were slumped and battered, approaching burnout. Luckily, they could visit the Tentacle Studio Mascot Spa and Treatment Centre! Eyelashes were re-curled, bodywork was buffed, and as you can see from the photo, they left us perky and happy, with genuine smiles all around.

Bacteria custom made costume suit by Tentacle Studio Bacteria-custom-mascot-costume-by-Tentacle-Studio

25th July 2018
We created this glorious green (plastic) topiary bush costume suit from literally hundreds of tiny plastic plant sprigs!

human hedge men topiary costume suit made by Tentacle Studio green human hedge men topiary costume suit made by Tentacle Studiohuman hedge tree bush men topiary costume suit made by Tentacle Studio

12th July 2018
Woo woo, all aboard the crazy train! We made this funny costume in February when the Dutch National Railway's launched their student ad campaign with a competition: 5 student friends get to spend a whole day with a film crew, partying in the train costume. It was all expenses paid, so the winners made the most of it - amazing how much free beer 5 strapping lads can swig down! Big smiles all around, and lots of crazy dancing. A good time was had by all, and miraculously the costume survived till they fell down exhausted at 6am!

train big party costume maker Tentacle Studio

10th June 2018:
We created 'Techie' the custom robot costume, for Albert Heijn Supermarkets, as they launch a new computer programming scheme for kids. All the robot's custom components were carefully fabricated, by hand, by us. The robot's eyes light up with joy - and LED circuitry ;)

Albert Heijn Tech is te Gek Robot made by Tentacle Studio
techie Albert Heijn robot kostuum gemaakt door Tentacle Studio

Here's the custom robot costume build in progress; as you can see, we used many different techniques to build this unique costume.

Albert Heijn Robot Tech is te gek techie kostuummaker Tentacle Studio

29th May 2018:
Bear-foot in the buttercups! We decided to do a photo-shoot in the woods with one of our handmade realistic bead costumes, and we think it worked out rather well.
Buy this bear costume in our web shop realistic bear costume suit adult size made by Tentacle StudioBuy now

23th May 2018:
This handmade wolf mask we made is creeping through the shadows in Phoenix O'Neill's new music video.

14th April 2018:
The Giant custom-made Rihanna head we created is now living large in New York!

giant big head paper mache custom hand made Tentacle Studio

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