snow white dwarf masks

Snow White 7 Dwarves Masks: Unique design, handmade by Tentacle Studio. You pay via Etsy, and hi ho hi ho, it's off to you they go!

snow white pantomime ballet 7 dwarf masks costume grumpy, happy, sneezy, bashful, dopey, doc,
Seven Dwarf Masks: These beautiful character masks are often used in performances of Snow White, but also make great masks for a themed party or festival. Each one has a long, softly stroke-able, real sheepskin beard, and they are each sculpted and painted by hand. The eyeholes are comfortable whatever your face shape, and your mouth is free for quaffing a cup of mead, from a hearty flagon, or singing a happy hi ho ! When not being worn, the masks are guaranteed to bring a hapy atmosphere to any child or adult's room, and they're cleverly designed to be displayed on a wall or table.

How we make the masks...
We created them using up to the minute 17th century technology! After an artistic pilgrimage to Venice, we learned their unique methods of crafting paper mache carnival masks. These masks were created using a beautiful Italian paper that's made in a centuries-old paper mill in Florence. This paper gives the smoothest finish, and the most comfortable feel against your skin. The masks are sealed with a tough acrylic coating to protect the surface, ensuring that they not only look amazing, but are also durable. A drop of rain won't hurt them, and they can easily withstand the occasional knocks and 'whoops!'that happen in life!

Material: Durable papier mache, created using traditional methods, with natural sheepskin beards and eyebrows. The masks have adjustable elastic straps for maximum comfort.
Weight: Each mask, including beard, weighs only around 100g /4 oz, so it's perfect to wear the whole night through.
Sizing: Elastic straps ensure our masks adjust to fit any size from a 10 year old child to large adult.
Colours available: Custom skin tones for all different nations are available at no extra cost- just ask. Or all white, all black or anywhere in the rainbow you choose!

The 7 masks are : Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey and Doc. They may be purchased separately, or as a complete set.

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We've been making masks for more than 25 years, and we use that experience to make sure all our creations don't just look good, but are also long lasting, and a pleasure to wear! Custom orders are welcome, just ask!