Realistic Bear costume: Unique design, handmade by Tentacle Studio.

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Photo left: Friendly bear with closed mouth.
Photo right: Bear with big teeth made to order for a customer in California.

Realistic Grizzly Bear Costume : After our bear costumes are finished and shipped out, they have a rich and varied life- they've been dancing in the musical 'Jungle Book', greeting visitors at attraction parks, as well as starring in films and advertisments.

We custom-make each realistic grizzly bear costume for you by hand, in our workshop in Amsterdam, so custom colours and sizes are no problem. Scary big teeth? Sweet friendly smile? Choose the type of bear you want. Please note, you'll need to order well ahead of time for custom orders.
  COMPLETE COSTUME  Includes fully structured body, fur head and 'Paw' gloves and feet.  Realistic details like claws and face are created with great care and attention. We use luxuriously long, realistic looking fur.

 The costume is well designed, and the head has concealed vision panels so the wearer  can see, breathe and move about comfortably. It's possible to work in character for extended periods. Clever design means the costume fits most average sized adults. Concealed mesh panels under arms and between legs enable cool air to ventilate the suit. Bear costumes (brown, black or Polar white) are made to order, by hand, by us.

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Material: The realistic bear costume is made from foam padding and luxury faux fur, with realistic glass eyes.
Weight: The entire costume is cleverly designed to be big, but lightweight. One of our bear costume weighs less that 7 kilos/ 14 lb, while most other complete bear costumes weigh at least a hefty 20kg/44 lb.
Sizing: It will fit any size, and is comfortable to wear.  The bear head contains an adjustable helmet with chinstrap.
Colours available: Dark brown (as shown above), black or Polar white.

HOW TO ORDER: Pay now via our Etsy shop.
We dispatch your order swiftly, from our workshop. Got a question? We're just a phone call or an email away!


realistic bear paws
We've been making masks for 25 years, and we use that experience to make sure all our creations don't just look good, but are also long lasting, and a pleasure to wear. Custom orders are also possible....need a different colour, or something special?...Just ask!