Maleficent Wings individually custom-made, by hand, by us. Made to order only (no rentals). You pay via Etsy.
We ship the Maleficent wings to you.

Maleficent large black gothic wings Large black maleficent wings fallen angel fairy
Black Maleficent Wings: With a wingspan of just over 3 metres (120 inches) these beautiful wings are possibly the largest, most detailed wings available, yet they are fantastically easy to wear and not heavy. We created the first pair of these wings for the Premiere of Disney's Maleficent film in The Netherlands, with great sucess.
Our Maleficent Wings are custom made to your size, and the feathers are individually made by hand, which gives the wings a unique, magical quality. Dramatic and really beautiful, there's a cruel, hooked claw at the top of each wing. They are permanently outstretched when worn, and easily fold together for storage.

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Weight: The wings weigh only around 3kg in total, so they are easy to wear for the whole night.
Size: Each pair of wings is individually hand made to your size (height and waist) so whatever size you need, from a child size to an XXL,it's no problem, just ask.
Standard Colour: Black. Custom orders for different colours or different styles of wing are welcome.

Is it possible to make the wings flap?. No It's not possible to make them open and close. Even in the original Maleficent film, several pairs of wings were used to achieve the illusion of opening and closing. Different pairs of wings in progressive degrees of openness were filmed in sequence, using CGI and editing to create the effect of one fluid movement! Some things can only happen in fairy tales...

Delivery times: Our work is very much in demand, and these wings are entirely hand made to order, so you need to allow time for delivery to avoid disapointment. Message me and I'll let you know current delivery times.

Shipping costs: Wings are shipped in a sturdy box by guaranteed UPS Express Courier Worldwide. Not possible to send by normal mail - the wings are truly enormous, too large for normal posting. The UPS service is swift, trackable, and fully insured, but it's not cheap!

HOW TO ORDER: Pay now via our Etsy shop, We dispatch your order swiftly, from our workshop. Got a question? We're just a phone call or an email away!


Maleficent wings made by tentacle studio
We've been making wings for 25 years, and we use that experience to make sure all our creations don't just look good, but are also long lasting, and a pleasure to wear. Custom orders are also possible....need a different colour, or something special?...Just ask!