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Jack Skellington Head Costume Mask: This is simply the best designed Jack Skellington head for a masked ball or party - place it over your head, and you're ready to go. It's light as a feather, and water resistant too: a drop of rain won't hurt him! There's plenty of tiny holes drilled in the eye sockets so you have good vision, and there's holes between the teeth too, so you can drink through a straw. Perfect for Halloween! When not in use,Jack makes a great display piece. "And because I am dead, I can take off my headů"

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Material: The head is created using traditional Venetian mask-making techniques to form a lightweight and extremely strong sculpted head. Each head is individually painted by us, and finally coated with a durable, water resistant finish.
Internal head Size : There's a built-in head harness, so it won't move about on your head. It fits all adult head sizes.
Weight: The head only weighs around 400g / 12oz, so it's suitable to wear all night long.
Size of Jack Skellington head: approx 36 cm (14 inches) wide.
Colours: As shown, black and bone white.

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