We custom-make big character heads, and large carnival masks. Made by hand, by us, in our own workshop.

giant big head mardi gras mascot character realistic  big head paper mache mask giant portrait head giant big head paper mache mask makers lifelike realistic mardi gras mascot head costumes

Giant Heads: All these marvellous characters were custom made by us, and we can make something specially for you, including hats and costumes as needed. Guaranteed to grab attention and put you head and shoulders above the rest of the world, our giant heads are perfect for DJs, product launches, mascots and adverts. They offer great potential for the film, music videos and all sorts of events. We can incorporate your logo and branding messages, as we did (above) for our client Delta Airlines.

How the heads are made (see photos below)
Each custom head is first created in clay, then moulded to form a lightweight, waterproof and strong sculpted head. Then it is expertly painted with great attention to detail. The finished head has a durable, waterproof finish, so a drop of rain won't hurt it!

Material: Waterproof papier mache.
Weight: The heads are extremely strong, yet lightweight, so they are very easy and comfortable to wear.
Sizing: There's a built-in head harness inside, so the head stays firmly in place.

Prices from
3600 Euro + delivery

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 big paper mache mask politician large giant carnival head Tentacle Studio
Sculptor Mike Petty creating one of the heads in our studio.

Simon cowell big paper mache head mask maker characture portrait Mark Posner big head DJ mask maker giant paper character head man mask
Big head portraits of Simon Cowell and DJ Mark Posner, and a basic character head.

 custom made DJ mask big head Hijack house big giant papier mache head mascot mask maker
Big head for DJ Hijack House.
3 different girl heads:
all taken from the same mould, but with very different hair, skin and eye colours.

 big paper mache head portrait elizabeth uk queen  big paper mache head portrait elizabeth uk queen
 Queen elizabeth big paper mache head portrait big carnival head woman queen elizabeth uk
Giant head of England's Queen Elizabeth: complete with moving eyes.

giant mascot costume character heads
Giant Pilot and Stewardess Heads for Delta Airlines: Making connections at the GBTA in San Diego.

giant bobble head big mascot character realistic Delta
Photo Russell Gilbert.

We've been making masks for more than 25 years, and we use that experience to make sure all our creations don't just look good, but are also long lasting, and a pleasure to wear. Custom orders are welcome, contact us by phone or email to chat about what you need.