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bmask-bull-minoutaur- animal head headdress mask bull minotaur animal head mask party man disguise minotaur bull mask costume

Minotaur Bull Mask: This massive, horned beast creates a huge effect when you walk into any room. Everyone will be a-maze-d!
This mask covers the head and shoulders entirely, and gives a complete disguise. The head is very large and imposing, and adds considerably to your height and machismo! With intense, red glowing eyes (acheived by means of small LED lights, batteries included). To add impact, you could wear your bull head with full evening dress, or wear rags or furs for a more primal look.

Material: The bull is made from polystyrene, coated with a tough cotton weave for durability. It has a water resistant paint finish. Black faux fur on head and neck, red LED lighting in the eyes.
Weight: The head is suprisingly light for it's size, 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg). It's securely held in place by a chinstrap.
Sizing: It will fit any adult head size, and the chinstrap is adjustable. Will add to your height by 18 inches (46 cm). You see out of the mask via the bull's open mouth. Head length: back of head to tip of nose is 23 inches (60cm).
Colour available: As shown- black and dark purple fur, dark brown face and glowing red eyes.

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Price 645 Euro + delivery

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