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Zebra Head Mask:

  • For children and adults.
  • Can be worn comfortably with glasses.
  • Lightweight and robust. Made from slightly flexible foam.
  • The open design ensures good vision and clear speech.
  • Handmade by Tentacle Studio in Amsterdam.
Definitely an animal with attitude! This zebra headdress is perfect for a wild animal party at your favourite watering hole, or a professional theatre show. This stunning zebra is so lightweight and easy to wear, just place it over your head and you are ready to party! It's all you need. You can easily see, dance and drink whilst wearing it. Cool to wear,it won't muffle your voice, and do you wear glasses? no problem, they can be worn comfortably under the zebra mask head.

Material: The zebra head is made from strong, slightly flexible material.
Weight: The head weighs only around 100g / 3oz, so it's perfect to wear for the whole night.
Sizing: It will fit any head size, and is comfortable to wear. The neck of the zebra forms a built-in chinstrap.
Colours: Black and white, as shown.

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Also available: Matching black and white Zebra Tail-ask for more info.

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