These mosquito costumes are individually made by hand, by us. Fast delivery guaranteed.

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This unique costume will create a buzz wherever you go! Great for a insect themed party, promotional event or theatre performance. Designed to be worn over your own black top and trousers, it's comfortable and lightweight to wear, so you can see, move and talk easily.

Mosquito Costume consists of: Mosquito head, Mosquito wings, faux fur body, bronze-coloured thorax and little wiggly legs. The costume is designed to be worn with your own black trousers and top.
Materials: Body: fake fur, foam and bronze coloured satin fabric. Wings: Wire and mesh. Head: is based on an adjustable baseball cap fake fur and bronze foam.
Weight: The costume and head combined weighs only around 300g / 9oz, so it's easy to wear for the whole night.
Sizing: Body and head are both adjustable.
Colours available: As shown, mainly bronze with black and holographic silver colored eyes.

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