We custom-make character heads, and big head mardi gras carnival masks. Your choice of hair colour, accessories and hats. Character portraits and charicatures a speciality.

giant big head mardi gras mascot character realistic  big head paper mache mask giant portrait head giant big head paper mache mask makers lifelike realistic mardi gras mascot head costumes
More photos of our giant character heads below.

Giant Heads: We custom-make these marvellous characters in a range of colours and sizes, and include textured hair, accessories and hats as needed. Guaranteed to grab attention and put you head and shoulders above your competition!

Our giant heads are perfect for advertising and public relations campaigns, corporate events, production launches, and character mascots. They offer great potential for the film, theatre and TV sectors. For corporate clients, we can incorporate your logo and branding messages onto custom-made hats, etc, much as we did (above) for our client Delta Airlines. Or, why not ask us to create a custom character portrait of a celebrity or CEO to liven up an exhibition stand, event or party, like the head we made (centre photo, above) of politician Stef Blok?

The heads are created using traditional Venetian mask-making techniques to form a lightweight and extremely strong sculpted head. Each head is individually painted by our studio artist, and finally coated with a durable, water resistant finish, so a drop of rain won't hurt them. Our giant bobble heads offer a complete disguise while enabling the wearer to see and move easily; and they're cool to wear!

Material: Layered papier mache, painted and finished with a durable, water resistant finish.
Weight: The head only weighs around 400g / 12oz, so it's suitable to wear for extended periods.
Sizing: There's a built-in head harness, so it's easy to wear.
Colours: All hair colours and skin tones are available. We custom-make to order in our own workshop.

Prices from

3600 Euro + delivery

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 big paper mache mask politician large giant carnival head Tentacle Studio
Sculptor Mike Petty creating one of the heads in our studio.

Simon cowell big paper mache head mask maker characture portrait big giant papier mache head mascot mask maker
giant mascot costume character heads
Giant Pilot and Stewardess Heads for Delta Airlines: Making connections at the GBTA in San Diego.
giant bobble head big mascot character realistic Delta
Photo Russell Gilbert.

We've been making masks for more than 25 years, and we use that experience to make sure all our creations don't just look good, but are also long lasting, and a pleasure to wear. Custom orders are always possible, please ask for details.