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We've been custom prop makers for many years.

We can custom-make all types of sculptures and props especially for you (or your client) .

Get inspired by our custom props below, then get in touch about your own custom order. We are experts in devising intelligent solutions for creative problems!

bongo present box costume props maker
Custom Transformer/ Christmas Presents Costume: The Dutch company Bongo commissioned a transforming costume for their Christmas campaign. We created a lively pile of handmade presents with the customer's logo on them that had the Christmas shoppers roaring with laughter! See their reactions on the video.

big funny train prop costume made by Tentacle Studio
Woo woo, all aboard the crazy train! We made this funny costume for the Dutch National Railway's competition: 5 student friends get to spend a whole day with a film crew, partying in the train costume. It was all expenses paid, so the winners made the most of it - amazing how much free beer 5 strapping lads can swig down! Big smiles all around, and lots of crazy dancing. A good time was had by all, and miraculously the costume survived till they fell down exhausted at 6am!

giant hiking boot shoe carbon footprint prop polystyrene decoration sculpture
Custom-made Prop, Giant Hiking Boot: Created for a Carbon Footprint Business conference in London.

iant fresin fibreglass sculpture display advertising exhibition
Custom-made Large Display Figures for Life BV's head office in Antwerp: Custom-made fibreglass figures.

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 Wishing Tree made by Tentacle StudioNational Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-45
Handmade Wishing Tree: At the Dutch Liberation Museum (National Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-45). The tree we created soon filled up with maple leaves, commemorating fallen Canadian servicemen and women.

harrods christmas shop window prop maker giant top toys propmaker Mike Petty spinning top Harrods lathe Tentacle Studio
Custom-made spinning top for Harrods Christmas Window: the windows featuring giant versions of traditional toys. The custom spinning topwe made is actually spinning in this photo!

big nose mask prop Kleenex Tentacle Studio Kleenex client Tentacle Studio
Kleenex Balsam Ad Campaign Props: We hand carved several custom-made giant prop noses for Kleenex.

demon sculpture human figure prop horrordemon sculpture church custom made figure portrait  resin egyptian mummy
Unique, handmade Demon Sculpture: Commissioned by a church in Texas.

large spikey pencil holder hedgehog prop made by Tentacle Studio large pencils prop Bev Shalts
Giant Handmade Hedgehog with Custom 'Pencil' Spikes: They're not real pencils, they're pieces of dowel we sharpened and painted to look like pencils! Each 'pencil' will have a note spiked onto it during team-building events.

giant alice in wonderland mushroom puppets theme giant toadstool decoration for party
Freaky Fungi: 7 metre tall, created for the 'Amsterdam Spook' Halloween festival. These magic mushrooms fold flat, ready to pop up at next year's party!

music video gold prop sun head Sarcophagus golden Egyptian theatre custom prop
Mister Sun: Large golden sun head.
Golden Sarcophagus: Life-sized sarcophagus prop.

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giant teapot and cups, Alice in Wonderland buy mad hatters tea party polystyrene film prop
Mad Hatter's Giant Tea Set: These giant cups and teapot, were made to order for an "Alice in Wonderland" tea party.Photo R.Gilbert.

castle scenery prop decoration fireplace mediaeval theme gargoyle castle scenery prop decoration tower mediaval theme castle staitcase scenery prop decoration mediaeval theme stairway
Castle Scenery Pieces: Made for the Emporium Dance Festival.

Trainline advert Choo prop maker for TV dancer gold laptop prop costume for Trainline TV advert Tentacle Studio
Big Gold Laptop: For Trainline's nationwide TV ad campaign.

See more of our custom work: Custom Masks. And if you need something custom made? Ask Tentacle Studio for a free quote now.


We also stock ready-to-ship costumes and masks, handmade by us.
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